PRAVNI ZAPISI • Year IX • No. 2 • pp. 239-254


Language: Serbian

Dr Dragan Obradović
Sudija, Viši sud u Valjevu
Docent, Fakultet zdravstvenih, pravnih i poslovnih studija u Valjevu Univerziteta Singidunum
Naučni saradnik, Institut za kriminološka i sociološka istraživanja, Beograd


Pravni zapisi, No. 2/2018, pp. 239-254

Original Scientific Article

DOI: 10.5937/pravzap0-19014

old people, victims, road users, pedestrians, traffic criminality

The Law on Road Traffic Safety contains numerous provisions related to the protection of participants in traffic. Special attention is paid to improving the safety of the most vulnerable categories of participants in traffic, which, in addition to children and young drivers also include older persons, who participate daily on the road. Old people as participants and vulnerable categories in traffic are a problem in Serbia, but also around the world. We also pointed out to certain official data on the suffering of old people as participants in traffic, and especially as pedestrians in Serbia and around the world. In this paper, the most important provisions will be discussed as well as possible solutions related to the improvement of the safety of elderly people as participants in traffic–victims, not only as pedestrians, but also as drivers or passengers in vehicles. There is little talk about this and it is not known enough from the legal aspect, but much more from the traffic technical aspect. In particular, we will point to the problem of proving the causes of a traffic accident from the aspect of the safety of elderly persons as traffic participants in criminal offenses against the safety of public transport (in addition to numerous controversial issues and problems encountered by police, public prosecutors and judges).