PRAVNI ZAPISI • Year II • No. 1 • pp. 150-178


Language: Serbian

Dr Šuput Dejan
Naučni saradnik, Institut za uporedno pravo, Beograd




Pravni zapisi, No. 1/2011, pp. 150-178

Review Article

DOI: 10.5937/pravzap1101150Q

sports; Law on Sports; country; sports organizations; privatization

In this article, the author correlates the quality of managing the sports policy in Serbia with the content of the latest Law on Sports that was enacted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in March 2011. The most important part of the paper is focused on an overview and analysis of the enacted legal solutions. The expressed views reflect not only a criticism of some of the prescribed legal solutions, but also an intention to point to the shortcomings of the Law on Sports that could be problem during the forthcoming application of the law. Particular attention will be devoted to the issue of ownership transformation of sport organizations and public and state-owned companies that constitute a part of the Serbian sport system. Besides, the paper summarizes the substance and goals of ownership transformation of sport organizations and it is noted that a colloquial term “privatization in sport”, commonly used in professional and political debates, does not conform to the essence of the process it refers to in such debates. The concluding part of the paper provides an answer to the question as to how to implement fundamental reforms in the field of sports and ensure conditions for the adoption of the new Sports Law, the application of which would contribute to the creation of legal security in the establishment of sport relations and legality in the pursuit of sport activities and industries.