Union University Law School Review
Year XI, No. 1/2020, Pages 1-354

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)
eISSN 2406-1387 (Online Edition)



Tibor Várady, Law, Justice and Various Human Exaltations


Tibor Tajti (Thaythy), A Holistic Approach to Extra-Judicial Enforcement and Private Debt Collection: A Comparative Account of Trends, Empirical Evidences, and the Connected Regulatory Challenges – Part Two

Matija Miloš, Reimagining Direct Democracy As an Intersection of Different Forms of Representation

Andrej Savin, New Directions in EU Digital Regulation Post-2015: Regulating Disruption

Srđan Šarkić, Serbian Mediaeval Law on Wills and Succession

Slobodan Vukadinović, The Scope of the Contra Proferentem Rule in the Interpretation of the General Terms of the Contract

Srđan Milošević, Walking a Tightrope: On the Constitutionality of Limiting Freedom of Worship Under the State of Emergency Declared in the Republic of Serbia Caused by the Epidemic of Covid-19

Iva Ivanov, Taxation for Gender Equality: Proposal of Measures for the Republic of Serbia on the Road to European Integration

Nikola Kovačević, The Principle of Non-Refoulment in the Practice of the Constitutional Court of Serbia in the Light of Generally Recognized Rules of International Law: From Recognition to the Lack of Implementation

Boris Topić, Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: The Important Attempt to Address Corporate Human Rights Abuses


Slobodan Vukadinović, Civil Law in the Legal System: Miloš Živković (ed.), Liber amicorum Vladimir Vodinelić, Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu i Pravni fakultet Univerziteta Union u Beogradu, Beograd 2019, 534 pp.

Miodrag Jovanović, Once Upon a Time in Ečka: Tibor Várady, What Happened in Écska? A Documentary Novel, [Translation from Hungarian by Arpad Vicko], Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad 2019, 220 pp.

Katarina Ivančević, Borislav V. Ivošević and Časlav Pejović, Maritime Law: A Comparative Legal Study, Pravni fakultet Univerziteta Union i Službeni glasnik, Beograd 2019, 902 pp.


Vesna Rakić-Vodinelić, Goran Kronja (1948–2020)


Legal bibliography – Serbia 2019, prepared by Ljiljana Prljinčević