Union University Law School Review
Year XIII, No. 2/2022, Pages 341-735

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)
eISSN 2406-1387 (Online Edition)



Matej Avbelj, The Future of the European Union is Now


Martin Belov, Three Models for Ordering Constitutional Orders

Matija Miloš, The Clarity of Referendums: An Instrument for Managing the (Dis)Continuity and Perception of Change

Bojan Spaić, Mila Đorđević, Less is more? On the Number of Judges and Judicial Efficiency

Mari-Ann Susi, The Divide between Idealism and Practicality in Animals’ Fundamental Rights Recognition

Iva Ivanov, Can we Talk about Digital Economy Taxation without Improved Administrative Cooperation Between Countries?

Dijana Marković-Bajalović, The EU Institutional Model of Competition Law Enforcement Revisited: How Much Rule of Law Suffices?

Tamás Korhecz, Parliamentary Representation of National Minorities in Serbia and Hungary: Mechanism for Effective Participation of Minorities, or Tool for Political Manipulation?

Miloš Živković, Rethinking Land Registration in XXI Century Serbia

Bogoljub Milosavljević, Denial of Information to the Officers of the Communal Militia, Police and Security Services: Between Punishment and Non-Punishment

Marko Božić, Catechism Without God: Legal Basis and Ideological Premises of Teaching Marxism in Schools of Socialist Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1991

Chiara Chisari, The Judicial Implementation of the Right to The Truth: Some Thoughts on the Argentinian Experience of the Juicios por la Verdad

Ranka Vujović, The Status and Rights of the Child in the Same-Sex Union: European Law and Practice


Marko Božić, On the Descriptive Denotation of the Term and the Prescriptive Connotation of the Notion of Secularism (A Reply to Petar Mitrović and Srđan Milošević)


Barbara Grabowska-Moro, Rule of Law, Trust and Competition: Will Sped-Pro Become a Game-Changer for Protection of EU Fundamental Values?


Jelena Simić, Prof. dr Jakov Radišić (1931-2022)


Union University Law School Chronicle (2021/2022), Contributor Jovana Popović