Union University Law School Review
Year V, No. 1/2014, Pages 1-344

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)



Vladimir V. Vodinelić, What is the purpose of possessory proceedings? On the reasons for possessory protection of mere possession – Part 2. The reason for judicial protection of mere possession

Igor Vila, Constitutional court protection of economic and social rights during the economic crisis

Dušan Vranjanac, The Human Rights Act: Its impact upon the constitutional system of Great Britain

Bogoljub Milosavljević, A contribution to definition of the concept of security in legal theory

Jelena Simić and Jelena Jerinić, The right to home birth – a choice, not a coincidence – and some legal consequences

Miloš Radovanović, Limitation of minimum price of immovable property in the enforcement procedure in the law of Republic of Serbia and in the law of Republic of Croatia

Ines Lasić, Pharmaceutical patents: general characteristics and current issues in the international context

Tatjana Živković, Harmonization of national environmental regulations with European Union law


Momčilo Grubač, Commencement of criminal investigation according to the new Serbian Criminal Procedure Code

Saša Gajin, What is the purpose of human rights, from the perspective of the current and future constitutional system of Serbia

Mario Reljanović and Ana Knežević Bojović, Judicial reform in Serbia and negotiating Chapter 23 – a critical outlook


Zoran Ivošević, The court facing concordance of freedom of information and rights of the person (Commentary on the Decision of the Novi Sad Court of Appeals, Gž. 2673/13 of June 6, 2013)


Jovan Radulović, Synthesis of the common-law accusatorial and the continental mixed criminal procedural justice system – The example of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia – Part 1

Aleksandar Matković, Community policing as an answer to raising street crime rates


Legal bibliography – Serbia 2013, prepared by Ljiljana Prljinčević