Union University Law School Review
Year X, No. 1/2019, Pages 1-269

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)
ISSN 2406-1287 (Online Edition)


Foreword: Towards the first decade


Dragoljub PopovićArduous path to constitutionalism: Serbian constitutional developments in the first half of the nineteenth century

Marko BožićNeither secular state nor laical republic? Legal position of religious communities in communist Yugoslavia – legal framework analysis

Boris Topić, State’s responsibility for business-related human rights violations in the light of the Strasbourg court’s case-law

Marija Pešović, City municipalities in the Republic of Serbia

Vladimir Crnjanski, Terms and conditions for the solemnization of real estate sales contract concluded in an out-of-court settlement procedure

Jelena Arsić, Bojan Stanivuk, Termination of life care agreement and the rights of successors: in the discrepancy between law and practice

Milica Kovačević, Private recordings as evidence in criminal proceedings

Vukan Slavković, The offence of fraud in comparative legislation

Irena D. Kolaj Ristanović, On waqf institution and waqfs property in the Principality of Serbia 1830–1878: legal and historical frame


Sanja Stojković Zlatanović, Availability of orphan drugs – basic legal issues of development and financing


Svetlana Gradinac, On rhetorical murmurs and crutch words and on how to improve the orator’s style


Legal bibliography – Serbia 2018, prepared by Ljiljana Prljinčević